Claudia Caporaso

Name: Claudia

Surname: Caporaso

Date of birth: 22nd October 1985

Residence: Via San Carlo, Caserta, Italy

Telephone: +39 328 557 7571


I practiced and practice yoga from 6 years, by varying over the years with styles; I started with Power Yoga moving to flow, then dedicated myself entirely to the indian discipline. I have ranged from the traditional Hatha Yoga to Ashtanga (which I continue to practice now with my teacher) trying out also Pilates and thai-chi. I began to teach privately 2 years ago, a style that defines Vinyasa Flow or Dynamic Yoga , which combines the psychophysical benefits of  traditional Hatha Yoga to the movement and the dynamism of Ashtanga, ending with relaxation and guided meditation.

In January 2018 I have been called at the Universal Fitness of San Prisco (EC), where I have held a course of yoga-pilates to a class of 14-18 people, in which I was able to manage various levels of preparation and physical condition by proposing custom changes within the same lesson.

I am currently a certified ‘cyt’ 200hr and in possession of the diploma CSEN as teacher of “Hatha Yoga for fitness”. Also a certified first level rescuer (BLS), skills that I achieved during the civil service at the ANPAS (public tuscan assistances) in 2012.

Yoga for me is a journey that brought me to grow and gave me confidence, today I am able to do and tackle things and situations that i would never have believed; Yoga is not only a physical discipline, it is much more and I am sure that it is a journey which you can tackle at any age, any physical level.

Teaching Yoga for me is not only a matter for work, teaching Yoga is a sort of vocation, a way to bring greater awareness in people, helping them to feel good, to increase their self-esteem both mental and physical, because a strong mind in a strong body shines; and we all should shine.

















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