Isabella Interlandi


– Teacher with a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the psychological that determines non-acceptance of its physical and creates energy imbalances. Studies dedicated to Yoga Therapy according to the method of association – comparison of Anodea Judith.

President of the association ASD Yoga – Catania and Sunflow yoga teacher

Hot Yoga: The only studio in southern Italy to offer the practice of Hot Yoga. The sequence is performed in a room heated to a temperature of about 40° C, and this allows the muscles to a deeper elongation, avoiding the risk of sprains, improves the flexibility and takes care of the backache, helps to release toxins through constant sweating, improves the peripheral circulation, helps to maintain concentration and self-control, provides peace of mind, physical strength, awareness.

The course of the Chakra balancing comprises six sequences aiming to the waking and rebalancing of the energy present in us. Some sequences are inspired from the Vinyasa Flow, others by Power Yoga.

Gentle Yoga for people less young, with support, chairs and benches for meditation.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma: Hatha Yoga

Aura Wellness Center – USA
Hot Yoga Certified Yoga Teacher: Yoga

Aura Wellness Center – USA

Hatha Yoga for Fitness: Sports

Italian Federation of Physical and sporting activities educators –

Instructor postural gymnastics I & II LEVEL: Sports

Italian Federation of Physical and sporting activities Educators – Rome

Pilates Instructor I AND II LEVEL: Sports

– Certification AICS
– Expert in gymnastics for adults and the elderly
– Qualified instructor at national level




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