Linda Leininger

Linda Leininger

Author – therapist in Soft medicine – health columnist  

Yoga Teacher  


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Since a few years, I have reached various professional goals in the field of alternative medicine. My thirst of knowledge has brought me well of the satisfactions which an inner force intense for advance and inform a maximum. My main goal has always been to work in any complementarity of all occupational health. By my serious and the love of my next in the framework of the positive treatment that I am defending, life has made coming toward me many opportunities, which I take, for then share my experience by various current of life, such as by writing, by writing an article for a magazine and on the radio. The purpose, our goal to all, that of regain his health and his inner happiness. By my various formations i brings and I positively transforms the minds of many in the quest for a better health of the body, the heart and the mind.


Health – Medicine – Freshwater – well – BE – Resume in hand his health regain confidence in itself – detoxification – Drainage – Revitalization 

From 2006 to this day…

  • Naturopath – Iridologue certified at Rouen the 04.09.2007
  • Training by various laboratories in oligotherapy and food supplement 2007
  • Sophrorelaxologue  certified at Rouen on 25.07.2007
  • Formed in Gerontology DTU at the Institute of Lyon 22.06.2010
  • Author of various works of Health – Soft medicine – Personal Development
  • Organizer of salon well – BE – soft medicine
  • CFD of yoga in Belgium the 05.01.2017
  • Training in yoga Everything for the elderly
  • Certified Yoga teacher in Italy 22.03.2018



Passionate certified yoga teacher, I have a great openness of mind. I have a great knowledge in yoga theoretical and practice as well as a great mastery of the meditation. I am easily adapts to all environments and to all the people that this is of the most young people to the most elderly. Careful, comprehensive, sensitive and especially to listen to those that I meeting. Each person for me is exceptional. My trade restores the self-confidence to those who are lost… restore hope and light around itself my mission of life.


Professional Experiences



I help people to regain their health by various techniques of soft method, whose assistance at weaning, detoxification, drainage, the revitalization. Eat well, sleep well, breathe well, learn self-confidence, to restore taste to life by providing to each according to his needs.



I help to the relaxation by various breathing techniques in order to reconnect with the body and the spirit. My teaching is adapted according to the needs, expectations and of the physical condition of each person. I teach different postures of yoga and methods of respiration. By restoring confidence in itself, I bring the people to find balance and well -being. By the sophrology, I wake up the potential of each to move forward with strength and courage in all projects. By a better mastery of self, we wake up well potentials on each person.



By my training in gerontology in the good keeping at home and in the home, I bring the keys well contractors and complementary, to persons wishing to stay as long as possible independent home. When this is not possible, I bring the comfort by my staff know of establishment and to the families not to feel guilty during a placement. The understanding of aging and the various pathologies which diseases “say civilization” allow us to better provide by gentle methods, toward persons often congested in medication. My main goal: solutions well contractors complementary and case by case.


By my profession of writer

By the writing of a book, I have wished to make of the keys, transmit solutions for people wishing to change their daily lives in any security by the simple statement, by healthy eating patterns and a way any other to resume the reins of his life.


By my lounges of the Well – be 

By the completion of my lounges of the Well – be, I will allow the public to come to my meeting to answer questions for Any other Life expectancy in good health.


Health magazine 

I have appeared in the magazine “Profession Therapist”

I have appeared in the magazine of the Dr Luc Bodin and Nathalie Bodin “New Presence no. 3”

I have appeared regularly in the magazine “Bio Energy”

I have written articles for health in the magazine Bio Energy

My News is published regularly in the republican – Lorrain

In 2017, I am health columnist to Republican of Saint – Avold

I have been presented on several occasions to the TV chain Local8

Since 2017, I am a columnist health at natural at VIV radio 97.1

Of short duration, I was vice president of the Moselle of the SIU (enlarged Union of seniors), which is a movement independent policy in the defense of seniors with to my sides the doctor and geriatrician Eric Cinqualbre. Since then, I resumed my freedom to act.



In Saint Vincent de Paul, in the home help Entourage

Video reportage at home

Editor of the article to the health of the magazine of health energy Bio

Editor of health at Carevox magazine

Health columnist to the republican – Lorrain ( journal)

Health columnist to the radio ViV radio 97.1

Volunteer in the accompaniment in end of life, at the request of the families.


Hobbies : nature, gardening, travel, information, writing, reading and the continual training, I like to help my next.

Passions : The kitchen Home made, photography, cats, dogs, birds, the protection of the Earth and of the seas, life, my profession, yoga, prayer, meditate,

By my action in the framework of the positive treatment, I am regularly supported by actors, comedians, artists painters, designers, doctors, the authors, the actors of the Alternative Medicine, and large signs. The authenticity, simplicity bring many surprises on a daily basis.

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