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I have a degree in Psychology from 2001 and duly registered in the Register of psychologists. I have received the Specialization in Psychotherapy in 2006 and I am on the list of psychotherapists.

In 2005 I begin a personal training jungian analytical with prof. Luciano Rossi which lasted about ten years and culminating in the adhesion to the psicodialettica theory. Currently I am responsible for the centre of Psicodialettica, school of thought that encourages, in the final phase of the evolutionary path to overcome the limits and shortcomings of the analytical method, inviting to the de-identification and acceptance of an impermanent non-me, objective that the Psicodialettica considers reachable through the practice of meditation.

From 2005 I decided to integrate my path as a psychotherapist with bodily practices arising both from the traditions of the East and the West: from contemporary dance to Contact, Tango, Tai chi until the mindfulness. My journey in yoga has its starting point in 2005, in the school led by Tiziano Orlandi, Yoga Campus. Yoga in this research in the field of psycho-body, does not abandon me but indeed, developing the idea that the endless asanas may act as adjuvants, as Desikachar teaches, for any type of activity. I also think that the attention and concentration, that the great masters of yoga teach are improvable mental faculties in each one of us thanks to the constant exercise. Attention and concentration promote awareness levels of the bodily dynamics and cognitives, useful to tackle any task, both intellectual and physical.

From 2012 I practice and teach yoga within the path of the psychiatric rehabilitation for which I am responsible, at the Caring home named; “Casa di Cura Villa Maria Luigia”.

My teaching is intended for anyone who wishes to use the yoga techniques to improve the knowledge of his body and of his own thoughts so that they are not a hindrance to a path of existential development.

The lesson combines meditation, breathing techniques and asanas. In the last part each time different relaxation techniques are used.

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