Maria Grazia Puzio

Maria Grazia

Maria Grazia Puzio has studied Speech Therapy at the Spolverini Hospital in Ariccia. Student of the Yoga Academy of Rome and duly registered since 1995, participating in all courses and seminars promoted by the Cultural Association of philosophical and oriental studies. She has taken some spiritual and study trips in India. She obtained her first level diploma as a certified Yoga Teacher (CYT1) with “Styleoga ” s.r.l.s. of Avellino, in the month of July 2018.

Since the year 2000 she applies in her workplace health, yoga techniques both individual and for small groups, through physical positions and breathing techniques suited to the different problems both of the evolutionary and adult age.


Maria Grazia Puzio,

Born in Naples the 08/05/1961,

Phone: +393392769686


MariaGrazia P


Is enrolled in the Yoga Academy of Rome of the Maestro Giorgio Furlan from 26 /02/1995 and attending to all initiatives and studies promoted by teachers Giorgio Furlan and Elizabeth Frerè for a unity between East and West. And have deepened this ancient discipline of wellness in a continuous manner.

In the summer holidays and in her free time since 1990 the main interest is to carry out practical studies in Yoga, travel to India specifically for the deepening of the discipline and yoga retreats in Asharam.


She is in possession of the following titles :


Title of Study: “CERTIFIED yoga teacher (‘cyt’)” achieved in date 01/07/2018 at Styleoga s.r.l.s. (



Achieved At “SPOLVERINI HOSPITAL ” in Ariccia.

In date 29/06/1994



Achieved at the Technical Institute for Activities Sociali-Paritario “A.Poliziano”

In date 19/07/2004



Achieved at Istituto Magistrale Statale “V.Column”

In date 01/08/1979


Title of Study: “DIPLOMA OF QUALIFICATION (Lady tourist offices)'”

Achieved At Professional Institute for Trade “Nicola Garrone”

Achieved in date 27/06/1977



Working experiences and/or professional abilities:


Company spurious MEDICAL SRL. Via Etruria,08 ..00053 Civitavecchia RM

Type : Medical Centre and rehabilitation of the Evolutionary Age

From 24/08/2015

In the quality of speech therapist of the Evolutionary Age



Rehabilitation Centre of the Evolutionary Age “San Raffaele”

Road stringy, 16 Viterbo .

From 18 / 01/2011 to 24/08/2015 in quality of speech therapist of the Evolutionary Age


Company UUSL RM G : Via Tiburtina, 22/A – 00019 Tivoli

The district of Subiaco

From 20/11/2009 to 07/11/2010

In the quality of speech therapist for evolutionary age


Nursing home “Villa Fulvia” in Rome

For evolutionary age:

The period 2006-2008


IKT centre at Istituto S.Antonio in Piazza Tosti in Rome:

For evolutionary age

In the period 2002-2006


Company S.r.l. Merinvest “Nursing Home Villa dei Pini” in Anzio

In the quality of speech therapist for adults

From 1-2-2000 to 13/02/2002


Roman institution O.CC.RR.Minister of the Sick:

Rehabilitation Centre of the Evolutionary Age “EugenioLitta Village”

From 01/10/1997 to 04/02/2000

In the quality of speech therapist

S.R.L.Nursing Home Angrisani

“Villa Dei Fiori in Nocera Inferiore

From 01/04/1997 to 10/09/1997

In the quality of speech therapist for the evolutionary age


Roman institution O.CC.RR.Ministers of the Sick:

Rehabilitation Centre of the Evolutionary Age “Village Eugenio Litta”

From the 01/07/1995 to 31/12/1996

In the quality of speech therapist of the Evolutionary Age


Maria Rome


Participation  in the activities, conferences, seminars, inherent in the cognitive rehabilitation and logopedic


Title: “Italian Conference on Autism and Atypical Neuro Development”

Naples 1 and 2 December 2017.

Title:  “disturbance of social communication (pragmatic)”.

From 9/10/2015 to 31/10/2015

Title:  “Rehabilitation of the DSA between U.I. and compensatory tools”

Organised by the Federation of Italian speech therapists of 20/03/2011

Title:  “The neurobehavioural disorders in childhood and adolescence”

Title:  “Software and compensatory measures for the rehabilitation of D.S.A.”

Responsible for the event: Regional Association speech therapists Lazio

Held in Rome on 24-03-2011.

Title:  “ICF-CY: Classification of the WHO health and disability in childhood and adolescence”

Held in Colleferro on 18/03/2010.

Title:  “Methods and techniques for effective communication with the public”

Held in Subiaco the 22-23/04/2010.

Title:  “The Evaluation logopedic: Clinical aspects and legal implications”

Refresher Course organized by the Regional Association speech therapists Lazio, held at the Conference Hall of the Fondazione Santa Lucia

The 15/01/2010

Title:  “From prevention to treatment of infantile Dysphonias”

Refresher Course organized by the “Sapienza University of Rome”

Held at Palazzo Chigi in ARICCIA

The day 15/09/2008

Title:  “The treatment of patients afasici: pragmatic approach through situations of structured dialog” training event organised by the nursing home Villa Fulvia the day 01/12/2004

Title:  “National Conference on cerebral ictus”

Stroke Congress 2003 organized by “The Iitalian Stroke Forum”

Held in Florence the days 03-04/03/2003

Title:  “Clinical Aspects and rehabilitation of attention in childhood and adolescence and adulthood”

Held in Rome from 21 to 22 March 2003

Title:  “6° National Conference Dyslexia 2003”

Title:  “An interdisciplinary approach to disability development”

Title:  “The acquisition phonological: Processes normal and pathological””

On 5 June 1999.

Seminar: The cognitive rehabilitation played on 15 May 1998

Seminar: Integration neuro-physio-psychological in the study of language played on 13 March 1998

Title:  “Diagnosis and Therapy of acquired disorders of Language””

Cycle of 15 seminars

September 1997 – October 1998

Title:  “The Assessment phonological: diagnostic indices and rehabilitative””

Seminar held at the Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome

Done on 28 February 1997

Title:  “Rehabilitation of learning disorders of reading””

Seminar held at the Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome

Done on 17 April 1996

Title:  “Methodologies for the rehabilitation Cognitive and motor””


Via Ardeatina,306

Done on 19 November 1993

Other activities:

At the Hospital “L.Spolverini” Ariccia

The Deputy Health Director Maurizio Iacono has certified :

This is to certify that from 14 – 11 – 1994 to 14 – 11 – 1995 The Speech Therapist Maria Grazia Puzio has done the work of volunteers at the structure on said treating with competence numerous patients in which a reasonable number of stutterers with remarkable results.



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