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The “Shivapuri Yoga School” is a cultural and sports association asd affiliated with Acli Rome and coni, it was founded in Ancona on the 18th April 2001 by Francesca Marchi, currently president and Main teacher.

The School of Yoga immediately begins to grow, year after year, inspired by high teachings of the ancient traditions and classical yoga and tantra teachings received from Sw. Satyananda, guru of Francesca from 1985 and from the Bihar School of Yoga India. From the beginning until today in the school are carried out daily courses and with a wide range of options and times of frequency, yoga courses addressed to all basic, intermediate and advanced levels and specific programs for pregnancy, children. Customised paths in yogaterapia in combination with any care be it of traditional or holistic type are offered. Regularly every week spaces dedicated to meditation with the large and famous techniques brought back to light and reprocessed for modern society by Sw. Satyananda; Yoganidra, Trataka, Antar Mouna, Ajapajapa, Nadanusandhana, Mantrasadhana, Guru Bakthi and others. Great importance was always given, as well as in the satyananda yoga tradition, to paths of awakening of the chakra, Kundalini yoga and Kriya Yoga of classical tradition. In recent years by the love for the art of Francesca and the others, is growing a space for “Yoga and Art” dedicated mainly to the study and creation of “Yantra and mandala”, the ancient universal drawings used as an instrument of meditation and realization from ancient times both from the Vedic and tantric civilizations but also from the rest of the world and the relationship between “Art, spirituality and faith” in the eastern and Christian traditions. Each year are residential seminars, travels to India and yoga vacations in some particular localities are organised. Inspired by the thought of sw.Satyananda, today fully represented by his successor sw.Niranjanananda Saraswati, Francesca undertakes to develop and grow the school teaching Yoga through 2 main objectives:

The 1st objective: make yoga easy and accessible to all, facilitating and opening the doors to anyone proposing various types of courses for each person to find his ideal space, offering various types of initiatives to ensure above all that young people have the opportunity to attend the school of yoga every day from dawn to sunset, discovering the school as an open, social place where to spend their time studying and practicing yoga together with people alike, breathing the atmosphere of typical peace and harmony, so beneficial for our evolution and spiritual growth. The setting of the school was born from the main hinges of Yoga ashram where Francesca has completely received her training.

2nd Objective: Advanced Yogic Studies. Spaces, courses and seminars for the study and deepening of the ancient tantric techniques of awakening of the chakra, kundalini yoga and Kriyayoga, but also the study of the ancient concepts of philosophy and psychology yoga handed down from the Vedas and Upanishad, in order to have a knowledge and understanding, refined and current of the great path of the science of Yoga and systems related to it. The great dream of Sw. Shivananda made by sw. Satyananda and brought to the stars by sw.Niranjan through the Bihar Yoga University. Always remembering however the badge that we carry: to develop awareness in every action as the first absolute and evolutive tool, inherited from the ancient teachings and from our Guru, joined to simplicity and humility in life and to the humanitarian and moral values, in order to make yoga, just as it had been conceived, a great tool for ourselves and to make major changes for the future and the ecology of the earth.

The history of the School

18th April 2001 the inauguration: in a small garden with a beautiful palace in Piazza Diaz close to the Passetto in Ancona, I offer people a bowl of rice with lemon the Indian way and a cup of chai (tea with spices) together with a flyer printed at home with schedules and courses that will begin immediately the day after. Some friends buy the first membership cards and give life to the school. Some advertising poster offered by a dear friend.

2001-2002 from October 2001 we start reachin many people from Ancona and vicinities. The school offers from the beginning many course times going from morning at sunrise until late in the evening, to give everyone the opportunity to attend. The spirit of these early years is very beautiful, full of joy and enthusiasm in every moment, it seems like a new and great discovery for all. In those years yoga started spreading but still nobody had done great experiences of yoga also as philosophy and lifestyle especially with that energy of satyananda yoga transmitted by Francesca. A large group of friends… a very small room of about 30 mq, sometimes you took it in turns to make the lateral positions! And we all laugh together! The music ? The first music from an old stereo given as a gift and a cd with boys Indians. Today…the instruments more refined and change every 6 months!

From 2001 to 2007 an important collaboration with the Day Centre of the department of Psychiatry at Ancona Hospital: for 6 years regularly a group of people with serious neuro-psychiatric disorders follow a yoga path in the school achieving great results. Important instruments are Vedic Mantras: Ome Gayatri Mantra.

2003-2004 yoga courses for everyone grow even more…Many times..Always more people… In Ancona now everybody knows us. Here begin the great seminars in the villa of Corridonia (MC).

From 2003 to 2009 Francesca organizes and carries out about 35-40 residential seminars of deepening and advanced yogic studies, following the great teachings of sw.Satyananda and Bihar School of Yoga.

2005-2007 transfer to a new much larger place in Piazza Diaz n.6 where the school remains until 2009.

Important seminars: Tattwashuddhia Pomaia (Tuscany) held at the Tibetan monastery and beautiful Yoga trekking in the localities of the Dolomites and Austria.

2008-2009 2 trips in India and Back

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