Why the federation?

Why choose the yoga teacher federation and what advantages do I have??
The yoga teacher federation brings together all the yoga teachers and yoga schools who have followed a training path and do not necessarily fall in certain criteria. Each application will be carefully evaluated in order to build up an ongrowing community of people sharing the same passion. Those joining the federation shall receive a lot of visibility with a dedicated article on the YOGA TEACHER REGISTRY page, with curriculum, photos and also direct contact details in order to be reached directly by everyone.

Yoga is on a continuous growth around the world and in certain areas it is mis-used by powerful organisations who have invaded this sector and we cannot allow this to happen:

Yoga is for everyone and has to continue being this way now and forever.

Therefore in the view of globalization and conformation, the yoga teacher federation has been created to give space and visibility to all those who wish to continue to teach and be, seen, heard and stronger thanks to the support of the federation. Finally we have a registry that puts together all the different styles and types of yoga and gives visibility to everyone not only certain paths that have been deliberately imposed without giving space to others.

The Federation is hence offering itself as a recognition were anyone can verify the qualifications/characteristics of a teacher/school and could choose the ideal one in complete freedom and autonomy.

Federation registration Guidelines.

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